Wildcrafted vs Organic

Each day, consumers are becoming more and more concerned with what nutrients they are putting into their bodies. With vegan-centric TV shows like Plant-Based By Nafsika and Whole Foods stores popping up on every corner, it has never been easier to make the switch to a non-GMO lifestyle. However, those new to this lifestyle may find themselves faced with one particular question: “Is it better to buy wildcrafted or organic products?”. Well, let’s break that down together.



Organic products must go through rigorous testing before they can claim that they are, in fact, organic. “Can’t people just slap an organic label on their food and call it a day?” Sure, if they want to hand over $11,000 to the United States Department of Agriculture for each mislabeled product. For a plant to be deemed legally organic it must be grown on unpolluted land, without the use of nasty pesticides, growth hormones, or any other gene-altering chemical for that matter. These requirements make organic products better for the environment, the ecosystem, and the human body. However, that doesn’t necessarily make organic the better option.



Wildcrafted products are just that– crafted from the wild. These plants are grown naturally, often in rural or remote areas, and receive zero human intervention during any stage of their growth. This means wildcrafted products are organic by nature because the only factors that affect their growth come from the environment they naturally occur in. There are also strict guidelines that harvesters must adhere to in order to protect each plants ecosystem. For example, a harvester cannot harvest:


  • An endangered plant species
  • More than 15% of any specific plant in an area,
  • Plants from compromised or polluted lands.


Also, if what they are harvesting requires the entire plant to be removed they must re-plant seeds of the same species to replace it. Wildcrafting isn’t just about foraging for healthy plants, it’s about respecting and preserving the ecosystem those plants come from.


Wildcrafted vs Organic

All-in-all, both wildcrafted and organic products are better for the environment, better for the plant species’, and most importantly, better for you. However, due to the structured and protected nature in which organic products are farmed they don’t encounter the same environmental stressors as those that are wildcrafted, thus keeping them from fully developing all of the nutrients a wild plant develops. At North American Herb & Spice we utilize both wildcrafted and organic plant species as a part of our dedication to creating the highest quality natural supplements available. Both offer amazing alternatives to the mass of GMO products we find all around us on any given day but nothing can beat the pure, unaltered, untouched nature of wildcrafted products.