What in the world is Hempanol PM?

Hempanol PM is the all-natural answer to your sleep aid prayers!

Okay, maybe you’ve got more important things to pray about but healthy sleep function is integral to supporting alertness, weight maintenance, and peace of mind.. Hempanol PM is the only heirloom grown, full-spectrum hemp supplement on the market and one of the only truly natural sleep-aids that doesn’t surrender to melatonin. What??? A whole food sleep-aid without melatonin? That’s right, melatonin’s sleep crown is slipping and we have 5 reasons why:

CO​2​ Extracted ​Organic Hemp Oil

CO​2​ Extracted ​Wild Oregano Oil

CO​2​ Extracted ​Cinnamon Oil

CO​2 E​xtracted New Zealand ​Hops

Highly Concentrated ​Chamomile


Our unique blend of these 5 active ingredients creates a powerful, synergistic force within Hempanol PM that leaves you relaxed and ready to drift off– all you have to do is take it right before bed.


But what does it all mean?

Great question. CO2 extraction means our hemp is ​never heated.​ This allows you to get the full spectrum of cannabinoids and potent, powerful terpenes known as ‘Beta-Caryophyllene’ or ‘BCP’. BCP supports sleep function and is found in all 5 of the ingredients listed above.

However, Beta-Caryophyllene rich ingredients like hemp oil aren’t the only thing aiding your sleep support; we HAVE to rave about the power of wild oregano oil. Many people don’t know this but the oregano plant actually has a lot of the same cannabinoids and plant compounds that are found in hemp. Oregano Oil from wild mountain grown plants works magic, taking this whole food supplement to the next level.

Then, of course, there is cinnamon, hops, and chamomile. Wait– ​cinnamon?​ Yes! People often wake up in the night because their blood sugar spikes or drops; Cinnamon works wonders to support healthy blood sugar levels, so you can sleep soundly through the night. Hops and chamomile are both well-known natural sedatives that work to relax your body and mind, allowing you to softly slip into the deepest sleep possible: REM, where deep healing happens.


Why not buy Hempanol PM?

It’s all natural. It’s raw. It’s a whole food and it supports a healthy sleep function just as nature intended. Some sleep aids can be addictive and sometimes down right dangerous to take over an extended period of time. Hempanol PM may used daily, is non-habit forming, and entirely chemical free. Why buy Hempanol PM? Why settle for less.


Available in liquid form, gel cap form, and as a gel cap convenience pack.

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