Wild, Raw Oregano Honey – 10 OZ.

This is one of the most remote honeys conceivable.


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This is one of the most remote honeys conceivable. Harvested over 5000 feet above sea level, this is made by bees, which visit wild aromatic plants, especially the flowers of wild oregano. Thus, it has all the powers of wild oregano through its delicate white flowers. Use this with the oil of wild oregano for ideal benefits. The bees which make this wild food are never fed sugar, and instead eat from their own honey. The other half is harvested by cold extraction, so this is an environmentally friendly honey. A caramel-colored, mineral-rich honey of a luscious and smooth taste.

• from bees never fed sugar or corn syrup
• remote-source, free of all chemicals (mountain-raised0
• a dense source of wild minerals, especially potassium and magnesium
• contains wild-source B vitamins, especially riboflavin
• does not cause a significant sugar reaction; well tolerated and easy to digest, rather, a digestive aid


Nutri-Sense Creamy Milk Shake with Wild Oregano Honey

2 cups organic whole milk
small handful pine nuts (or blanched almonds)
2 T. Nutri-Sense rice polish/germ drink mix
2 T. Wild, Raw Oregano Honey
cold water (to add to desired thickness)

In a blender blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy. Drink as a nutritious beverage or as a whole meal

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