RaspaMax – 3 oz

Freeze-dried black raspberry powder with natural red raspberry.

3.0 oz. (85 grams)


RaspaMax is maximum strength black raspberry powder, fortified with ellagic acid-rich red raspberry. This powder is 100% freeze-dried, which preserves all the key nutrients. Black freeze-dried raspberry is the subject of intensive research. Highly cleansing, as well as soothing, this is the most potent raspberry complex available. It takes 14 pounds of black raspberries to make one pound of freeze-dried. Powered by over 1000 ORAC units per teaspoonful.

Directions: Take one teaspoon in a glass of water daily or add to smoothies. Great in any fruit juice. One heaping teaspoonful is equivalent to about 1/4 cup of berries. Feel the power of real, unaltered berries—the power of the trapped sunlight for instant energy and more.

Ingredients: natural air-dried red raspberry powder, freeze-dried black raspberry powder.

3.0 oz. (85 grams)


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