PropaHeal emulsified wild propolis – 1 FL. OZ.

One of nature’s most fascinating substances is propolis and we use an emulsified version tested to be sure it is low in toxic levels of lead.


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One of nature’s most potent substances, propolis is a complex of resins derived from the buds of trees. PropaHeal is unique, because it is an emulsion of propolis, which means it is easy to absorb, while regular propolis is virtually impossible to absorb. This propolis is screened to be sure it is low in lead. An incredibly rich source of antioxidants and a wide range of flavonoids are found in propolis. It is one of the richest sources of antioxidants (12,330 on ORAC per bottle). It can be taken internally and topically to any region of the body. Take five drops under the tongue, as needed,, and also apply topically. Ideal for use on wounds and burns; use topically anywhere.

• a highly useful extract for use on the skin apply to any issue and, particularly, burns and wounds. Apply, apply, apply; that is the rule with PropaHeal.
• an emulsified form of propolis, without the damaging alcohol.
• a potent antioxidant, with the power of 411,000 per liter.
• propolis is used by bees to halt infection, prevent infection, and heal wounds; humans should apply this wisdom
• research shows that propolis is a potent antiinflammatory substance as well as a strong germicide


wild, raw propolis,
wild spice oils

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