New and Improved formula. Aromatic wild spice oil spray with a wild lavender scent.



OregaSpray is the only completely natural, multipurpose, wild spice oil spray available. It cleans & deodorizes air. With hundreds of uses it is the ideal:

  • vegetable wash
  • air cleanser
  • hand cleaner
  • food cleaner
  • odor neutralizer
  • kitchen and bathroom cleaner
  • pet deodorizer
  • body or foot deodorant
  • breath freshener

Always take OregaSpray with you.

Warning: Keep away from eyes and genitals. Store away from children.

Shake well before using.

Active -Total 2%
Clove bud oil 2%
Inert -Total 98%
spring water, wild oregano oil, bay leaf oil, lavender oil

This product is EPA exempt as minimum risk and therefore not registered.


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