Hempanol Super Strength 1 fl oz

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Hempanol Super Strength 1 fl oz

Hempanol super strength, CO2-extracted, raw, wild oregano and hemp, Hempanol super strength supports healthy overall wellness.


Hempanol Super Strength 1 fl oz

100% raw CO2-extracted hemp oil with raw, wild CO2-extracted P73 oregano oil.

Top source of CB2 receptor activator beta caryophyllene. CB2 Receptor Activator and P73 Fortified

Hempanol is the highest grade whole food, hemp extract available. This is the CO2 extract of hemp, which means it is 100% raw. The CO2 extract captures all the key ingredients, including the full spectrum of canabanoids and the all-important, super-potent terpene, beta caryophyllene.

Hempanol super strength, CO2-extracted, raw, wild oregano and hemp, Hempanol super strength supports healthy overall wellness. Beta caryophyllene, a potent support for all body functions, is found naturally in foods and spices; CO2-extracted wild oregano and hemp are among the richest sources. Enduring wellness is the key for a great life.

3 reviews for Hempanol Super Strength 1 fl oz

  1. Sean

    This item is the real deal…
    Started over 60 days ago ..the way this item is made keeps all of the botanical property’s..I’m a medical marijuana card patient …I will tell you this is not aTHC product but is the all important CBD please research it..awesome for all to use..no negative side effects…lots of effort in this process to make it…for those looking for a very reasonable price CBD complex ! The co2 system is so excellent for the oil making, most of the medical THC..CBD I get are extracted by use heat and alcohol and then add another oil (like olive) that is that…not a .pure extract ,
    Hempanol is a product that is made very well ..and has helped me out a lot! Please do serious research on how CBDs help in some very serious health conditions..follow directions ….peacefully Sean.

    • dandreoli

      Thank you for the testomonial

  2. Grateful

    I suffer from Lyme Disease and this tincture is something that I just can’t be without. It has not cured me from the disease as I cannot afford to take the quantities necessary for that, but it takes away symptoms and re-energizes me. When I take 2-3 droppers full about 3 times per day I feel like a million bucks, but when I ran out and don’t take it for a few days, the fatigue, mental confusion and overall pain associated with the disease, come back. Ordering another batch as we speak and grateful for to this company for making this high-quality life saver.

    • dandreoli

      Thank you for your testomonial

  3. Diane – June 18, 2018

    Amazing Product – June 18, 2018
    Hempanol Super Strength is the best product that I have taken for improving my immune system and controlling chronic pain.. All I need is 2-3 drops under my tongue 5-6 times a day. I can feel it working immediately after taking it. This is giving me more energy and taken away back and hip pain. I am much calmer, have the ability to focus and relax and my whole body feels comfortable. Finally I am able to have much improved sleep which I have been missing for the last 10 years or more. Thank your North American Herb and Spice for this wonderful product. I will never be without it!

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