Dand-o-Clenz Tea


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Dand-o-Clenz wild forest tea is highly cleansing for the entire body through the powers of wild roasted dandelion root, wild chaga, wild birch bark, and purple maca. Dandelion, chaga, and birch bark have been used in cleansing for centuries. The root of dandelion is a natural source of insulin, cleansing resins, and waxes. Chaga and birch bark are natural sources of betulinic acid, and chaga is rich in melanin, SOD, pantothenic acid, beta glucan, and rare trace minerals such as germanium. Enjoy Dand-o-Clenz for strength and cleansing–no more jitters.

For a luscious, delicious drink add one tsp. to a cup of boiled water. Or, add 4 teaspoons to a 32-ounce thermos filled with boiled water. The hot water extracts the active ingredients. Always reuse any grounds.

Product Information

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (2 grams)
Servings Per Container: 45

Ingredients: wild raw chaga mushroom, wild roasted dandelion root, wild raw birch bark, raw purple maca.

A potent, wild whole food – non-GMO.


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