CocaPalm (Wild Red Palm Oil-Plus) – 8 FL. OZ.

CocaPalm oil contains the highest concentration of vitamin E (70% tocotrienols).


CocaPalm oil contains the highest concentration of vitamin E (70% tocotrienols). CocaPalm is nature’s most abundant source of beta carotene—15 times more than carrots and 300 times more than tomatoes. CocaPalm is also a great source of medium-chain triglycerides, including lauric acid, a natural antiseptic. The medium-chain triglycerides are a powerful food for a healthy heart, and so is vitamin E, the tocotrienols, and beta carotene. Thus, CocaPalm is the most heart-healthy cooking oil available.

• this is actually a healthy cooking oil, especially if cooked on medium-low or low heat
• has a high heat-holding capacity, so cooks well without excessive heat 2
• plays a major role in contributing beta carotene and vitamin E to the diet
• highly easy to digest and perfectly healthy for the heart
• number one natural source of beta carotene plus tocotrienols (a special highly potent form of vitamin E); has a famous history for skin and may be used to prevent sunburn or to nourish skin


wild red palm oil,
cold-pressed virgin coconut oil,
natural wild spice oil complex

• the highest concentration of the rare tocotrienols known (70% of the vitamin E molecule
• each 100 grams has 3500 units of beta carotene
• per weight CocaPalm has 15 times more beta carotene than carrots
a top source of heart-healthy MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), which are used by the heart as fue
• contains various other fatty acids, which act as a healthy and direct fuel for the heart such as palmitic acid; these are fuels and no one should be afraid of them
• Nutrient Information 5

CocaPalm Roasted Bread

a few tablespoons CocaPalm
a few pieces of coarse bread, especially millet or brown rice bread
full-fat cheese (optional)
In a large stainless steel skillet heat CocaPalm over medium-low heat. When oil is hot, place bread in skillet. Cook to desired crispness on both sides. Optional: melt cheese in same oil, and place over bread.

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