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Wildcrafted vs Organic


Wildcrafted vs Organic

Each day, consumers are becoming more and more concerned with what nutrients they are putting into their bodies. With vegan-centric TV shows like Plant-Based By Nafsika and Whole Foods stores popping up on every corner, it has never been easier to make the switch to a non-GMO lifestyle. However, those new to this lifestyle may find themselves faced with one particular question: “Is it better to buy wildcrafted or organic products?”. Well, let’s break that down together.



Organic products must go through rigorous testing before they can claim that they are, in fact, organic. “Can’t people just slap an organic label on their food and call it a day?” Sure, if they want to hand over $11,000 to the United States Department of Agriculture for each mislabeled product. For a plant to be deemed legally organic it must be grown on unpolluted land, without the use of nasty pesticides, growth hormones, or any other gene-altering chemical for that matter. These requirements make organic products better for the environment, the ecosystem, and the human body. However, that doesn’t necessarily make organic the better option.



Wildcrafted products are just that– crafted from the wild. These plants are grown naturally, often in rural or remote areas, and receive zero human intervention during any stage of their growth. This means wildcrafted products are organic by nature because the only factors that affect their growth come from the environment they naturally occur in. There are also strict guidelines that harvesters must adhere to in order to protect each plants ecosystem. For example, a harvester cannot harvest:


  • An endangered plant species
  • More than 15% of any specific plant in an area,
  • Plants from compromised or polluted lands.


Also, if what they are harvesting requires the entire plant to be removed they must re-plant seeds of the same species to replace it. Wildcrafting isn’t just about foraging for healthy plants, it’s about respecting and preserving the ecosystem those plants come from.


Wildcrafted vs Organic

All-in-all, both wildcrafted and organic products are better for the environment, better for the plant species’, and most importantly, better for you. However, due to the structured and protected nature in which organic products are farmed they don’t encounter the same environmental stressors as those that are wildcrafted, thus keeping them from fully developing all of the nutrients a wild plant develops. At North American Herb & Spice we utilize both wildcrafted and organic plant species as a part of our dedication to creating the highest quality natural supplements available. Both offer amazing alternatives to the mass of GMO products we find all around us on any given day but nothing can beat the pure, unaltered, untouched nature of wildcrafted products.

4 Reasons You Need Whole Food Turmeric


4 Reasons You Need Whole Food Turmeric

If you’ve ever had curry, you will be able to recognize the distinct flavor of turmeric. A spice as ancient as time and forever held sacred, turmeric is essential for natural, healthy living. Referred to as the ‘Golden Root’ by many, it’s supportive powers are wide-reaching and all encompassing. What’s key is to get it in the right form: as a whole food milk powder additive and special liquid extract, as capsules and as oral drops. These powerful supplements are known as Canacurmin (drops or gel caps) and TurmaMilk infusion powder. With supplements like these that utilize whole food turmeric you can be sure your body is ready to fight back in these 4 powerful ways:


Inflammation response support

Turmeric has been used to support your inflammation response system since the dawn of time. Inflammation often exacerbates already existing ailments by restricting the body’s ability to fight off infection, disease, and viruses. When you free up the body to do the job it was built to do, you’ll start to see outstanding results in no time. Whether you choose to mix powdered root into your meals or eat turmeric root raw, this powerful force of nature is sure to support relief of any inflammation you may be experiencing. Canacurmin in liquid drops or as gelcaps work magnificently to help support your pain and inflammation response systems.


Support your pain response system

If you’re willing to fully accept the powers of turmeric, you won’t need western pain-relievers ever again. When you combine natural substances like turmeric with wholefood extracts like hemp, which can be found in our Canacurmin line, you supercharge their individual effects to synergistically create a supplement that supports the body’s ability to crush inflammation and evaporate pain. Plus, Canacurmin is more powerful than any other formula because it is fully absorbed into the body, this is due to a process known as ‘micellization’. Don’t allow yourself to become another statistic in the opioid battle that is raging on across the world. Make the switch to all natural, all powerful turmeric.


Perfect to support your skin

Many skin disorders are primarily caused by inflammation, which we already know to be something turmeric works to reduce. For the most effective results turmeric should be taken in all of it’s forms; raw CO2 extract, raw powered root, and topically in the form of a cream or ointment. When dealing with the most extreme cases, one should pair the internal use of turmeric with chaga, which is known for its powerful ability to support the body in its fight against psoriasis, dermatitis, seborrhea, and eczema.


Epilepsy and seizure disorders

In a study published in PLoS One, 2013, the turmeric essential oils, in this case the turmerones, curbed seizure activity in epileptic mice without any notable side effects. It is crucial that the extract has a high amount of turmerones for this to be possible because it creates a highly potent turmeric concentrate. Combining this concentrate with extracts of cannabis, turmeric, and oregano synergistically charges the effects of all three, increasing your ability to curb seizure activity naturally.

Turmeric, or the ‘Golden Root’, is a critical addition to any health food regimen. When combined with CO2 extracted hemp and raw oregano, which is done in Canacurmin, it synergistically supercharges all of the amazing powers of this ancient plant.  When you decide to commit fully to turmeric therapy, you will finally understand just how true that statement is. Be sure to get your TurmaMilk and Canacurmin supplements as soon as possible so you can get on track to healthy living today.





6 Natural Ways to Avoid the Flu


6 Natural Ways to Avoid the Flu

There’s nothing worse than waking up and realizing you’ve got the tell-tale scratchy throat that forewarns a coming bout of the flu. In today’s fast paced world, most people don’t have the luxury of taking a week off from work to recover. With a virus like the flu, which constantly changes, finding natural ways you can support your immune system has become more important than ever. Below are a couple of ways you can dodge the flu on a daily basis.


Wash your hands

Let’s start off simple. If you don’t keep your hands clean, you’re going to get sick. The hands are the vanguard of your body, making first contact with every germ covered door knob, work phone, or that communal bowl of M&M’s that keeps magically refilling. You don’t need to grab a sponge and start scraping but if you can’t manage to sing the ‘ABC’s’ one time through, you’re definitely not washing for long enough. Be sure to lather and scrub for at least 20 seconds to ensure you kill off all that nasty bacteria.


Don’t touch your face

Even if you’re washing your hands thoroughly, you’re bound to end up touching something that is covered in germs without knowing it. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth during flu season at all costs. The flu virus can’t be contracted simply from getting it on your hands– it has to get to the mucosal membrane found in your nose or mouth to infect you. This also means no kissing your partners when they are sick! Show them your love from a distance, I’m sure they’ll understand.


Get enough sleep

Sleep is so important. Your body heals fastest when you’re sleeping. It is impossible to maintain a strong, healthy immune system when you aren’t get enough sleep. This one can be tough with how crazy our lives can be but you should be aiming for roughly 7-9 hours of sleep a night.


Avoid stress

Stress is known to suppress the immune system so if you spend your day sanitizing your house because you’re so worried about getting the flu… you’re probably setting yourself up for failure. When the flu starts to spread, you will absolutely come in contact with it in your daily life. There’s just no avoiding it. Over stressing about beating the flu will just leave your body less prepared to fight it off when you inevitably encounter the virus.



It’s never a bad thing to get your blood pumping every once-in-a-while. Even if you’re not an vid health junkie, light exercise during flu season can be provide staggering results. When you work out you’re allowing your body to pump antibodies all throughout your circulatory system at a much higher rate than usual. This allows them to attack viruses that may have made their way into your system and gives your immune system the boost it needs.


Support your immune system

There are a litany of natural supplements that work to support your immune system. This can be as simple as making sure you get your daily dose of vitamins C and D, or as complex as a health food smoothie with turmeric and oil of oregano in it for inflammation and immune system support. There are plenty of natural ways to boost your immune system and prepare yourself for flu season, you just have to decide which one works best for you.


Spend the winter months enjoying a cup of hot cocoa, not coughing up a lung. When you commit to these tips and trick you will drastically improve the support you are giving your immune system in its battle to stave off the flu. Wash your hands, avoid touching your face, sleep, de-stress, exercise, and above all– find some natural ways to support your immune system. It works hard to keep you healthy, send it some reinforcements this flu season.


How to Hold True to Your New Year Resolutions


How to Hold True to Your New Year Resolutions

As the chaos of 2018 comes to a close and 2019 quickly approaches, many of us are considering the ways we can make the next 12 months better than the last. Whether it’s a weight loss goal, earning that promotion, or simply paying off a chunk of your student loans almost everyone has something important they want to accomplish in the new year. However, it’s easy to talk big in the first few days or weeks– staying true to your goals year round is an entirely different monster to conquer. Here are a couple helpful tips to keep you on track and checking off milestones all year long.


Be realistic

This one is incredibly important. If you set goals that are unrealistic or, at the very least, incredibly difficult to obtain you will quickly become unmotivated to try at all. It’s hard to stay energized about a specific resolution when you don’t feel there is any progress being made. Therefore, telling yourself you’re going to drop 70 pounds in two months is a recipe for disaster (and is incredibly unhealthy). Take some time to really look at what you’re weekly schedule is, what realistic capabilities and resources you have to achieve this goal, and plan accordingly.


Make a plan

Schedule, schedule, schedule. This cannot be emphasized enough. When the grind gets tough and you’re feeling like you’ll never reach your goal, a set plan can work wonders to keep you on track. If you’re just free-wheeling it with the expectation that your own dedication will get you through, you’re one bad day at work away from dropping the whole resolution. So, schedule, schedule, schedule! You can make it as simple or complex as you want; the key is to do what works best for you. If it’s a fitness resolution, add your workout regimen to your monthly calendar. Pick specific days you want to dedicate to certain workouts or food groups and lay them out plainly among your other monthly commitments. Invest in a supplement plan to help keep your body working at full capacity every workout, every time. If it’s a work goal, outline milestones throughout the year that you need to meet to achieve your goal. Same thing for financial resolutions; what amount needs to be saved by when to show you are on track for you yearly goal? A thoroughly thought out plan helps to keep you on track, motivated, and documenting your progress throughout the new year.


Hold yourself accountable

This is a tough one. Without accountability, resolutions don’t exist, weight doesn’t get lost, money isn’t saved, and that promotion stays just out of reach. It’s hard to find ways to truly hold yourself accountable but when you find one that works for you, it’s like injecting your resolution with adrenaline. Accountability can come in many forms; from your friends constantly reminding you of your financial goals when you’re out at the bars, to pre-portioning your food for the week so you don’t over indulge, to signing up for fitness programs that only give you your money back if you make it to your goal weight. Find the kind of accountability that motivates you best and go all in. You can do this, you just have to keep yourself going till the end.


Reward yourself

All work and no play… well, you know the phrase. It’s important to reward yourself when you hit your milestones. Especially with things like weight-loss, adding in a cheat day here or there to celebrate your accomplishments will keep you motivated and fighting for the next milestone. If you’re trying to save money, budget a night out here and there to give you a taste of what life will be once you hit that financial goal. If you get a good recommendation from work, buy yourself a drink. It’s easy to get down on yourself when trying to reprogram your daily life, so remember to reward the little wins and remain positive even when you fall a bit short. Any progress is better than no progress!


Enlist support

This journey doesn’t have to be a solo one. Find a friend or family member that has similar resolutions and join forces. At the very least, find someone invested in your well being and future to be around when things get hard, even if it’s just an ear to vent to when you’re frustrated with yourself. Knowing that you have someone in your corner when the going gets tough may just be the motivation you need to push further. When someone else has invested their time, energy, and focus into helping you achieve your goals it becomes significantly harder to bail on your resolutions without feeling extra guilty. Your family and friends love you, they want you to be better and to achieve your goals, why not let them help you get there?


Let’s make 2019 our year

You’ve got your resolutions. You’ve got your tool kit. Now, all you need to do is take the first step. Remember to be realistic with the expectations you set for yourself. Lay out exactly what you need to do to get to those goals and what the milestones on the journey are. Hold yourself to a higher standard than you previously have to keep yourself accountable. Celebrate your successes, big or small, and reward the hard work you are doing. Let your loved ones in to the journey and lean on them when you need it. 2018 may be have been chaos but 2019 is the year you achieve everything you’ve been dreaming about.

5 Heartburn Heavy Foods to Avoid this Holiday Season


5 Heartburn Heavy Foods to Avoid this Holiday Season

With Christmas just a few days away there’s a lot to be excited about. Reconnecting with family, unwrapping presents you’ve spent the whole year thinking about, and most importantly: the food. Personally, the food has always been my favorite part of the holidays the only set back being the sharp, lasting, and uncomfortable heartburn that follows. Laid out below is a quintessential guide to enjoying the holidays as heartburn-free as possible. At all cost avoid these things:


Spicy Foods

Well… actually, not everyone has the same reaction to spicy food when it comes to their heartburn. Overall, this is a good one to avoid because the heat of the food will serve to further agitate whatever already existing reflux issues there are. This goes for anything with garlic or onion as well, which also agitate already existing reflux.


Alright, I’ll concede that it’s impossible to avoid salt completely. Well, impossible to avoid without dying (cause we really do need it). However, a half salt-shaker on your mashed potatoes is not necessary (or tasty, what are you doin’ ya nasty) and will absolutely spike your acid reflux. Most holiday foods are gonna have some sort of salt or seasoning on them but the key is to avoid adding any more to your plate. I love to toss half a stick of butter into my corn and ‘taters like any other midwesterner; I just don’t particularly love the heartburn than follows.


I know what you’re saying: “How am I supposed to get through Christmas with the inlaws without a beer?” but if you want to keep that stomach acid from creeping back up your throat, this is a crucial one. A drink or two isn’t going to cause too much havoc but pairing a night of heavy drinking with other common heartburn inducing holiday foods can cause some serious discomfort for the days that follow.


“You take away my beer and my coffee?” Yes, but for good reason! Caffeine is known to cause acid reflux flare ups, especially if it’s the first thing you put into your body in the morning. So, if you’re really trying to dodge the burn this year, decaf will have to be your go-to. Hey, think of it like this; the taste will probably cause a placebo effect and wake you up a bit… probably.


This is a tough one. Half of the fun about Christmas is all the fun desserts at the end of the night, so you’ll have to show some real self-control. Unfortunately, this delicious delicacy has an ingredient called methylxanthine which in excess causes the lower esophageal sphincter to relax and spike acid reflux. I know this one will be hard but I believe in you… Santa does, too.

For those of us with no self control

Full-transparency, I tell myself every year, I’m going to do better and avoid heartburn-inducing food and drink. But as soon as I see that Christmas platter I fill my plate to the brim and race back for seconds. So, what are we to do about that? Gastronex. All natural, it supports a healthy digestive response, and it’s easy to use. If you Eat, you need Gastronex. Just pop a capsule or two before any meal and you’ll be racing back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. You’ll also need protective support against any GMO-polluted dishes that make their way onto the table, so be sure to get Oreganol P73, adding a few drops before every meal will give you the support you need this year. Be sure to get a bottle of Gastronex plus wild oregano oil from North American Herb & Spice online or at a local whole food supplement store soon, so you can enjoy the holidays guilt- and heartburn- free.

How Well Do You Know Hemp & CBD – QUIZ


The Farm Bill just passed, opening the flood gates for the Hemp industry. Test your knowledge on all things hemp and CBD to get prepared!





What the Farm Bill means for Hemp and CBD


What the Farm Bill means for Hemp and CBD

President Trump signed into law the latest iteration of the Farm Bill earlier today leaving the hemp industry buzzing; and for good reason. This historic bill officially legalizes hemp and at the federal level, making way for an economic boom within the hemp sector. With hemp legalized federally, we will quickly start to see economic growth for both the overall economy, as well as, a surge in profit for farmers specifically. After an almost century long fight to re-legalize the hemp industry, it has finally happened.


What exactly does this bill do for hemp?

One of the most important aspects of this bill is the fact that it removes hemp from the Controlled Substance Act. This means hemp will no longer be classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Removing it from this status clears a path for the hemp industry to bloom freely and focus more time and money on significant scientific research into the thousands of uses for this plant. The Farm Bill will also allow transportation across state lines, production on tribal lands, state regulation, and for hemp to be labelled as certified organic. That being said, it only legalizes it federally; Certain states may very well hold their current prohibitions in place under this new legislation with the way it is written. It is also worth noting that this bill does not fully legalize CBD– at least not technically. Even though the Farm Bill moves regulation of hemp from the DEA to the USDA, as of right now, the FDA is holding strong to their previous position that CBD cannot be advertised as a dietary supplement or for medicinal purposes without their direct approval. However, the administration has said they could likely see that definition changing and the bill does allow CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC in them to be sold commercially.


How does this help farmers?

Without fear of federal prosecution, farmers can now capitalize on a plant that offers a significantly larger return on investment than common plants such as corn or wheat. To be specific hemp grown for CBD would go for approximately $8,000 per acre versus corn which goes for approximately $600 per acre. It also allows for a significant increase in hemp exports.¹ Given the fact that the US imported almost $100 million of hemp last year, this bill opens the floodgates for that money to surge back to US farmers. Experts are predicting the hemp industry will grow into an approximately $10.6 billion industry by 2025 adding another significantly ² beneficial economic boost as a result of this bill. Outside of financial benefits for farmers, hemp overall is an incredibly resilient crop. It takes about half the amount of water corn does, it grows incredibly fast, and it allows farms in arid western plains to focus the minimal water they have on other crops.


The Farm Bill is a good thing

For decades there have been misinformation campaigns conflating hemp and it’s sister plant marijuana. While they originate from the same family, agricultural hemp has no capability of getting a user ‘high’ if they were to smoke it. Hemp gets a person high the same way a shrimp-cocktail gets a person drunk. Allowing this legislation to pass has added a litany of tools to the American farmer’s tool belt, it paves the way for academic research into the plant, and it saves the entire country money through exports, interstate trade, and ending the DEA’s search for hemp based products. Now the only question is: Who will be the first ‘Walmart’ of hemp? Meanwhile, look for truly raw wholefood hemp extracts that are never processed with solvents or heat; the optimal hemp oil for supporting your whole family’s health, which can only be found at North American Herb & Spice.




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5 Reasons NAHS Black Seed Oil is Top of the Line


1. 100% Raw, Cold-Extract

Our Black Seed Oil is so raw all it’s cleansing enzymes from the original seed remains intact. This means you’re getting Black Seed Oil in it’s most wholesome form– all it’s phytochemicals to the extreme. Don’t worry Oreganol fans, we have 12o​ z​ Black Seed bottle that has your favorite supplement in it for added potency, but we kept the 8o​ z​ bottle as pure as it was when the seed was growing from the earth.

2. The Only Oil Extracted On-Site in Turkey

We travel far and wide to find the purest ingredients for our supplements. For black seed we go all the way to the subterranean mountains of Turkey and sustainably harvest it. Then, the cold-extraction process immediately begins, giving you the freshest form of black seed possible. NAHS knows the REAL way to get every ounce of power from the plant is to extract it directly.

3. A Method for Everyone

There really is no excuse for not taking your daily Black Seed Oil with how many different ways you can consume it. NAHS offers a powerfully synergistic 12oz Black Seed Oil with Oreganol P-73 dropper, an 8oz Pure Black Seed Oil, and a specialized 90 count gelcap form that combines the powers of remote-sourced fennel seed and cumin seed oils; perfect for supporting digestion and a healthy metabolism.

4. Pulverized Seed Offers Unique Benefits

Everyone tries to claim they know the ‘right’ way to get natural nutrients directly to the public. Combining pulverized seed with our cold-extract method definitively shows we know how to do it best. Our method provides a unique list of health support at a level you can’t find anywhere else. Our Black Seed Oil supports:

  • a healthy cardiovascular response and healthy heart rhythm response
  • a healthy blood pressure and arterial wall response
  • a healthy whole system digestive response, including pancreatic, liver, and gallbladderresponse
  • a healthy immune and inflammatory response
  • a healthy neurological and nerve response

5. North American Herb & Spice Uses Proceeds to Give Back

Our founder, Ms. Judy Gray, MS has spent much of her life focusing on two things: natural supplemental healing and helping those around her. From helping fund the Big Cats Sanctuary (actual title?) in (city?), Missouri, to helping create co-ops overseas that provide sustainable living to impoverished communities near our harvesting sites, we truly believe in giving back to the communities we are apart of. There are plenty of reasons we could tell you about why our products are purer, higher quality, and flat out better than most of the other supplements you find on the market. Yet, we believe the most compelling argument for why you should shop North American Herb & Spice lies in the fact that we put our success towards furthering national education and helping those in need. Why shop anywhere other than the place that puts your money right back into your community?

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