1. 100% Raw, Cold-Extract

Our Black Seed Oil is so raw all it’s cleansing enzymes from the original seed remains intact. This means you’re getting Black Seed Oil in it’s most wholesome form– all it’s phytochemicals to the extreme. Don’t worry Oreganol fans, we have 12o​ z​ Black Seed bottle that has your favorite supplement in it for added potency, but we kept the 8o​ z​ bottle as pure as it was when the seed was growing from the earth.

2. The Only Oil Extracted On-Site in Turkey

We travel far and wide to find the purest ingredients for our supplements. For black seed we go all the way to the subterranean mountains of Turkey and sustainably harvest it. Then, the cold-extraction process immediately begins, giving you the freshest form of black seed possible. NAHS knows the REAL way to get every ounce of power from the plant is to extract it directly.

3. A Method for Everyone

There really is no excuse for not taking your daily Black Seed Oil with how many different ways you can consume it. NAHS offers a powerfully synergistic 12oz Black Seed Oil with Oreganol P-73 dropper, an 8oz Pure Black Seed Oil, and a specialized 90 count gelcap form that combines the powers of remote-sourced fennel seed and cumin seed oils; perfect for supporting digestion and a healthy metabolism.

4. Pulverized Seed Offers Unique Benefits

Everyone tries to claim they know the ‘right’ way to get natural nutrients directly to the public. Combining pulverized seed with our cold-extract method definitively shows we know how to do it best. Our method provides a unique list of health support at a level you can’t find anywhere else. Our Black Seed Oil supports:

  • a healthy cardiovascular response and healthy heart rhythm response
  • a healthy blood pressure and arterial wall response
  • a healthy whole system digestive response, including pancreatic, liver, and gallbladderresponse
  • a healthy immune and inflammatory response
  • a healthy neurological and nerve response

5. North American Herb & Spice Uses Proceeds to Give Back

Our founder, Ms. Judy Gray, MS has spent much of her life focusing on two things: natural supplemental healing and helping those around her. From helping fund the Big Cats Sanctuary (actual title?) in (city?), Missouri, to helping create co-ops overseas that provide sustainable living to impoverished communities near our harvesting sites, we truly believe in giving back to the communities we are apart of. There are plenty of reasons we could tell you about why our products are purer, higher quality, and flat out better than most of the other supplements you find on the market. Yet, we believe the most compelling argument for why you should shop North American Herb & Spice lies in the fact that we put our success towards furthering national education and helping those in need. Why shop anywhere other than the place that puts your money right back into your community?