5 Heartburn Heavy Foods to Avoid this Holiday Season

With Christmas just a few days away there’s a lot to be excited about. Reconnecting with family, unwrapping presents you’ve spent the whole year thinking about, and most importantly: the food. Personally, the food has always been my favorite part of the holidays the only set back being the sharp, lasting, and uncomfortable heartburn that follows. Laid out below is a quintessential guide to enjoying the holidays as heartburn-free as possible. At all cost avoid these things:


Spicy Foods

Well… actually, not everyone has the same reaction to spicy food when it comes to their heartburn. Overall, this is a good one to avoid because the heat of the food will serve to further agitate whatever already existing reflux issues there are. This goes for anything with garlic or onion as well, which also agitate already existing reflux.


Alright, I’ll concede that it’s impossible to avoid salt completely. Well, impossible to avoid without dying (cause we really do need it). However, a half salt-shaker on your mashed potatoes is not necessary (or tasty, what are you doin’ ya nasty) and will absolutely spike your acid reflux. Most holiday foods are gonna have some sort of salt or seasoning on them but the key is to avoid adding any more to your plate. I love to toss half a stick of butter into my corn and ‘taters like any other midwesterner; I just don’t particularly love the heartburn than follows.


I know what you’re saying: “How am I supposed to get through Christmas with the inlaws without a beer?” but if you want to keep that stomach acid from creeping back up your throat, this is a crucial one. A drink or two isn’t going to cause too much havoc but pairing a night of heavy drinking with other common heartburn inducing holiday foods can cause some serious discomfort for the days that follow.


“You take away my beer and my coffee?” Yes, but for good reason! Caffeine is known to cause acid reflux flare ups, especially if it’s the first thing you put into your body in the morning. So, if you’re really trying to dodge the burn this year, decaf will have to be your go-to. Hey, think of it like this; the taste will probably cause a placebo effect and wake you up a bit… probably.


This is a tough one. Half of the fun about Christmas is all the fun desserts at the end of the night, so you’ll have to show some real self-control. Unfortunately, this delicious delicacy has an ingredient called methylxanthine which in excess causes the lower esophageal sphincter to relax and spike acid reflux. I know this one will be hard but I believe in you… Santa does, too.

For those of us with no self control

Full-transparency, I tell myself every year, I’m going to do better and avoid heartburn-inducing food and drink. But as soon as I see that Christmas platter I fill my plate to the brim and race back for seconds. So, what are we to do about that? Gastronex. All natural, it supports a healthy digestive response, and it’s easy to use. If you Eat, you need Gastronex. Just pop a capsule or two before any meal and you’ll be racing back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. You’ll also need protective support against any GMO-polluted dishes that make their way onto the table, so be sure to get Oreganol P73, adding a few drops before every meal will give you the support you need this year. Be sure to get a bottle of Gastronex plus wild oregano oil from North American Herb & Spice online or at a local whole food supplement store soon, so you can enjoy the holidays guilt- and heartburn- free.