4 Reasons You Need Whole Food Turmeric

If you’ve ever had curry, you will be able to recognize the distinct flavor of turmeric. A spice as ancient as time and forever held sacred, turmeric is essential for natural, healthy living. Referred to as the ‘Golden Root’ by many, it’s supportive powers are wide-reaching and all encompassing. What’s key is to get it in the right form: as a whole food milk powder additive and special liquid extract, as capsules and as oral drops. These powerful supplements are known as Canacurmin (drops or gel caps) and TurmaMilk infusion powder. With supplements like these that utilize whole food turmeric you can be sure your body is ready to fight back in these 4 powerful ways:


Inflammation response support

Turmeric has been used to support your inflammation response system since the dawn of time. Inflammation often exacerbates already existing ailments by restricting the body’s ability to fight off infection, disease, and viruses. When you free up the body to do the job it was built to do, you’ll start to see outstanding results in no time. Whether you choose to mix powdered root into your meals or eat turmeric root raw, this powerful force of nature is sure to support relief of any inflammation you may be experiencing. Canacurmin in liquid drops or as gelcaps work magnificently to help support your pain and inflammation response systems.


Support your pain response system

If you’re willing to fully accept the powers of turmeric, you won’t need western pain-relievers ever again. When you combine natural substances like turmeric with wholefood extracts like hemp, which can be found in our Canacurmin line, you supercharge their individual effects to synergistically create a supplement that supports the body’s ability to crush inflammation and evaporate pain. Plus, Canacurmin is more powerful than any other formula because it is fully absorbed into the body, this is due to a process known as ‘micellization’. Don’t allow yourself to become another statistic in the opioid battle that is raging on across the world. Make the switch to all natural, all powerful turmeric.


Perfect to support your skin

Many skin disorders are primarily caused by inflammation, which we already know to be something turmeric works to reduce. For the most effective results turmeric should be taken in all of it’s forms; raw CO2 extract, raw powered root, and topically in the form of a cream or ointment. When dealing with the most extreme cases, one should pair the internal use of turmeric with chaga, which is known for its powerful ability to support the body in its fight against psoriasis, dermatitis, seborrhea, and eczema.


Epilepsy and seizure disorders

In a study published in PLoS One, 2013, the turmeric essential oils, in this case the turmerones, curbed seizure activity in epileptic mice without any notable side effects. It is crucial that the extract has a high amount of turmerones for this to be possible because it creates a highly potent turmeric concentrate. Combining this concentrate with extracts of cannabis, turmeric, and oregano synergistically charges the effects of all three, increasing your ability to curb seizure activity naturally.

Turmeric, or the ‘Golden Root’, is a critical addition to any health food regimen. When combined with CO2 extracted hemp and raw oregano, which is done in Canacurmin, it synergistically supercharges all of the amazing powers of this ancient plant.  When you decide to commit fully to turmeric therapy, you will finally understand just how true that statement is. Be sure to get your TurmaMilk and Canacurmin supplements as soon as possible so you can get on track to healthy living today.